About Us


Elite Automation and Technical Services Ltd. was created 2009 by a group of independent contractors, who saw an opportunity to form a team and work together.  Each partner had excelled in their trade in the energy industry and moved into the field of Automation.  Forming the group allowed us to expand our service offerings, provide stronger technical support to our customers, as well as work on bigger projects.   We have added experienced advisors, as well as youth and enthusiasm to handle the heavy lifting. 

 Today we are a growing, employee owned partnership of 27 people, with a broad and diverse customer base.  Our goal is to provide safe innovative solutions, and exceptional customer service to our customers.  We look forward to working with you!

Curtis CockeElectrical & Automation Technician
Danny FreyElectrical & Automation Technician

Justin DufaultElectrical & Automation Technician
Joel HorneJourneyman Electrician
Dustin JanzenJourneyman Electrician
Caleb RomanchukElectrical Apprentice
Jackelyn RideoutOffice/Accounting Manager
Chelsea CookeOffice Assistant
Dwight FlinkmanShop Manager
Tom KitchenOperations Consultant
Lyndon MuthOperations Consultant
Sandy BuchanTechnical Advisor

Jeff Buchan
Automation Specialist / Owner

Robert Dyer
Automation Specialist / Owner

Andy Robb
Automation Specialist
Aaron RutzAutomation Specialist
Dayne MajeauAutomation Specialist
Ron Benoit
Instrument Tech. & Controls Specialist

Riley GregorInstrument Tech. & Controls Specialist/Automation Specialist

Derry Storm
Instrument Tech. & Controls Specialist/Automation Specialist

Haxton VanEmberInstrument Tech. & Controls Specialist

PJ HoofdInstrument Tech. & Controls Specialist

Branden GalavanInstrument Tech. & Controls Specialist

Jerad CropleyInstrumentation Apprentice
Joab HacheyInstrumentation Apprentice

Nate BenoitInstrumentation Apprentice